American host organizations benefit from the International Volunteers program as EDI assists in gathering interns from around the world to contribute to the success of the host organization. This program allows the participants to have meaningful experiences through internships in the U.S. as they study English at some of America’s best English schools. Although applicants are not required to have a high level of English skill to participate in this program, they are required to have basic communication skills and will be studying English as part of their program. In addition to improving English language skills, interns will be able to gain hands-on experience and an understanding of the differences in culture and way of thinking in American society.

This program is open to a variety of applicants - from youth to seniors - with an interest in communicating with people in English. Participants will be able to have more real-life experience through volunteer activities than simply studying English.

Program participants can stay for up to a year or more under the F-Visa (Student Visa) or they may be able to use a Visa Waiver (No actual visa is required) for programs of less than 3 months.

Host companies have included The American Red Cross, Boys and Girls Clubs of America, and Holiday Inn Hotels.

Possible Internship Fields:

We have had interns in a variety of fields, but some of the more popular have been: Program Length: Eligibility for Applicants: Eligibility for Host Organizations: