Seasonal Staffing

J-1 Work & Travel:

American host companies can hire seasonal workers through EDIās J-1 Work & Travel program that allows university, college and vocational school students to work in the U.S. for up to 4 months during their school vacation.

EDIās hosts have included Universal Studios and Yosemite National Park.

EDI generally offers Work & Travel programs in the summer and winter to groups, though we also can offer spring and fall programs.


The host company that needs temporary or seasonal workers can also hire workers on an H-2B Visa, which can initially be valid up to a year and potentially 3 more years after filing a formal application for extension. H-2B workers do not need to be students.

Hosts have included Broken Sound Resort in Boca Raton, Florida.

EDI generally offers the H-2B program in the fall to groups, and sometimes, to individuals.

Open Positions:

For seasonal positions, we can assist the host company in gathering applicants by posting position details, including location, type of company, requirements, position title and description, as well as the amount of salary on our Open Position List.

Open Position List: Sample
Host ID NumberLocationType of BusinessPosition TitleDescriptionQualificationsStipendVisa Type
FL011APOrlando, FLTheme ParkFood and Merchandise Cart Attendant/ 4monthsTaking orders; operating cash registers; customer service; cleaningGood customer service skills; friendly; outgoing; willingness to help customers with a smile$6.60/hour; TipsJ-1 Work & Travel

Our Open Position List includes information on positions from companies across the country.